Value Proposition Design

Design and test Value Propositions

The Value Proposition is one of the most fundamental building blocks in the Business Model Canvas, and also one of the most complex. Great Value Proposition Design leads to great business success. Why? Because only by truly understanding the needs of the customer can we design solutions that last.

This program dives deeper in understanding customers and design value propositions that matter. It gives you insights in the essential tools to apply for innovation and design. You learn about the tools and skills  to design successful value propositions. We also help you apply LEAN thinking by validating your key assumptions from your business model and value propositions. The course is meant for participants who have little understanding or who are new to customer development and design value propositions.

Day 1: Understand & Observe

Value Proposition Canvas
How the business model and value proposition go hand in hand.
Design with the right tools and skills.

Design for B2B, B2C
Understand value propositions including roles.

12.30   LUNCH

The customer journey
How the customer journey gives you insights in the mulltidemensions of the value proposition.

How to ask the right questions
In Observe the most difficult aspect is to ask the right questions. Don’t ask your mom, she will lie to you!

17.00   END

Day 2: Validate & Learn

How to find your riskiest assumption
What is the most risky assumption that will prevent you being successful?

Set up experiments
How to set the right experiments to learn from your customers.

12.30   LUNCH

How to build prototypes
Can you build an minimum viable product to test with your customers?

Scale this thinking
How do you make sure you facilitate this thinking in your company?

17.00   END


  • Observe
  • Ask Questions
  • Visual Thinking
  • Ideate
  • LEAN
  • Validate

We organize open workshops and masterclasses to share our knowledge on Value Proposition Design. We also design customized incompany trainings for your organization. Contact us for more information.