CEO Retreat: Innovation, Conversation, Relaxation (New York)

  Wednesday 2 September 2015 CEO Retreat: Innovation, Conversation, Relaxation (New York)

From September 2-4, Helm Society organizes its 3rd Annual CEO Retreat: Innovation, Conversation, Relaxation. During the retreat Patrick van der Pijl will deliver a 1-day masterclass Business Model Innovation: prepare your organization for the future.

Thought leaders

Business is the business of innovation. Somewhere, someone is working to obsolete you. 2 thought leaders help companies with this daily. For 2 days, they will be helping you. Patrick van der Pijl, CEO of Business Models Inc. and Micheal Priem, founder and owner of, a global digital agency and media company.

What will you learn

Microsoft, GE, Harvard Business School and thousands of leading organizations have fundamentally changed their approach to business planning. You’ll learn the a new paradigm, vocabulary, and set of techniques to generate a new business model or innovate on your existing model. This masterclass will teach you how to continually be designing, testing and innovating on your business model and value propositions.

  • Discover new paths to revenue
  • Identify trends and tap into them
  • Change what your teams focus on
  • Design an adaptable business plan
  • Develop a common language for planning

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