Adelaide City Council
The City of Adelaide worked with Business Models Inc. to develop its world class Social Ventures Incubator Program (SVI) in 2016

The City of Adelaide worked with Business Models Inc. to develop its world class Social Ventures Incubator Program (SVI) in 2016. As the lead facilitator, Suhit Anantula developed an inspiring curriculum that provided a unique learning opportunity for early stage social ventures, enabling them to develop their business models and impact to sustainably improve community life in the City of Adelaide. Suhit negotiated partnerships with key industry leaders such as Microsoft Australia, NESTA, Impact Investing Australia and Tri Meridian Lawyers to ensure the ventures were able to not only build their capacity but also their networks and influence. These partnerships led to practical sessions with experienced social entrepreneurs and business professionals that covered areas such as social impact, pitching, business planning, legal obligations and communications. Suhit’s experience, knowledge and passion as a coach and facilitator challenged the ventures to innovate their business models and design strategies for the future. It was a pleasure working with Suhit.

Amy Pokoney, Manager Wellbeing and Resilience

Business Models Inc designed and ran an incubator program to enable social enterprises in the early stages of development to learn from the best of business and design-led innovation thinking with the purpose of a mission-driven organization. A 90-day program consisted of face to face workshops using our world class methodology of Understand, Innovate, Validate, and Implement. 

What was the headache of the client

The City of Adelaide in Australia is committed to creating opportunities for innovative new businesses to thrive in the city.  The council sought to add to its suite of economic and community development activities through the delivery of an incubator program for social ventures. The social ventures incubator program focussed on incubating early-stage social enterprises, developing their business models and impact on improving community life sustainably. At the moment there was no offer similar to this in the market.

What was the result

We received tremendous interest with more than 60 applications. 25 of them were selected to pitch for a place in the incubator. Out of the 25, 11 participated in the program. The 11 startups explored new business models, worked on customer research and innovated on their pricing, channels and other aspects of their business models. About half of them stood out in their journey. 

Inspired Buy is well and truly on its way with its newly launched social enterprise Kik Coffee focussed on youth entrepreneurship program. Catalyst Collaborative pivoted from a 50+ co-working space to one focussed on enabling other businesses by providing services relevant to each business. Adelaide Bike Kitchen learned the value of how business can be a force for good and just launched their crowdfunding campaign called Bikes for Good connecting corporate team building with helping refugees. Harvest Fair is here to provide delicious culturally rich food direct to your workplace – and we are using the power of good food to advance gender equity in Australia. Harvest Fair raised more than $4000 in the Pitch for Good event and is using crowdfunding to expand their offer.

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